Next Wave Associateship

New Scheme for emerging artists to be involved at the RBSA

Honeywill Hannah UnfunctionFunctionHannah Honeywill, UnfunctionFunction, mixed media, Next Wave exhibition winner 2014.

Do you want to be a Next Wave Associate?

We are looking to promote the development of emerging artists in the early stages of their careers through a variety of experiences and opportunities at our Gallery including the chance to have your work exhibited. If you have a first degree or equivalent level of education and are living permanently in the Greater Birmingham conurbation and can access the Gallery relatively easily, you might be interested in applying to become a Next Wave Associate.

You can apply by nominating yourself or by asking a Member, Associate, or a member of staff at the Gallery to nominate you. Next Wave Associate (NWA) membership offers you for a period of 3 years the following:

  1. The right to have one work automatically selected in the Annual Open All Media Exhibition in the Spring and in the Annual Members and Associates Exhibition in the Autumn at 50% of the entry fee.
  2. The right to show one work in other relevant RBSA promoted exhibitions with a 50% discount.
  3. To be considered either alone or as a group for an Exhibition in an appropriate Ground Floor space depending on demand from the membership.
  4. To participate as a member of the Society in the Friends activities or any membership briefings. An NWA will not be entitled to attend the Society’s AGM.
  5. To be entitled to a 50% discount to any of the RBSA Workshops and the same discount for entry to the Annual Prize and other independently selected exhibitions.
  6. The opportunity to help in the organisation of exhibitions at the selection day, hanging or cataloguing and to be involved in current projects. 
  7. The above is not an exhaustive list but indicates the range of benefits that being an NWA could offer.


What are NWA's expected to do?

In return we will provide you with a Mentor and expect you to be an Ambassador for the RBSA about its activities and to network with a wider and younger audience. We hope you will provide feedback to your Mentor about how the Society can better engage with younger artists and younger audiences. We would also expect you to be involved in the life of the Society and be visible by attending some events including PV’s and Celebratory Days. We would also require you to be a weekend steward for a day not more than twice a year, a commitment that other members accept.

We have set a nominal annual fee for the NWA’s at £15 and the maximum term for NWA’s is for 3 years. You will have to attend an Induction event so you fully understand the working of the Society and the opportunities that this offers. If you are not active for a period of 9 months, the RBSA has the right to terminate your NWA status. We have placed a limit of 12 on the number of NWA’s selected. 

How to apply

If you like the sound of this, you may want to have an informal talk to Natalie at the Gallery (0121 262 3990, If you wish to apply for an NWA, please request an  Application Form (a version to download will be available shortly). We will consider applications 3 times a year: at the end of November, March and July.